Shetland Aerogenerators is a local, family-run company which develops, owns, operates and maintains windfarms and energy sites in Shetland.

In the 1970s, marine engineer Angus Ward had an idea for wind energy in Shetland, studied it, and came to the conclusion it wouldn't work. In the 1990s new Governmental measures to support renewable energy were announced. Angus reconsidered but wanted help so his friends since school Michael and Dennis Thomson got involved.

Shetland Aerogenerators won a support contract in the 3rd round of the Scottish Renewables Obligation.

Burradale has been operational since 2000 and is the most productive windfarm in the world per unit of installed capacity – averaging a 58% capacity factor in 2015. Burradale and Luggie’s Knowe supply enough energy to Lerwick Power Station for 4000 homes.

Shetland Aerogenerators created the concept for the Viking Energy windfarm, was a key partner in the Energy Isles project and plays a leading role in the Shetland Net Zero Energy Forum. Shetland Aerogenerators has continually adapted to changing energy markets and opportunities and has a strong track record of delivering power generation solutions.

The company has recently gone through a period of transition, with the addition of new staff members and the creation of dedicated Operations & Maintenance and Project Development teams. While continuing to take care of our existing projects, we are now offering services to share our expertise with customers and exploring new developments.