As a local family company, Shetland Aerogenerators has always sought to support the wider community in Shetland. Our corporate approach provides considerable benefit to the Shetland community and has worked well for decades of operation. We consciously manage our general activities to maximise the local benefits such as employment, supply chain, educational interactions, etc. Indeed we have a strong policy of using local business suppliers for our business needs regardless of ‘cheaper’ alternatives.


Shetland Aerogenerators Ltd has financially supported a vast range of local groups, local events and local fundraising causes over the years. This has included many sporting groups and individuals, although we have usually focused on youth sports. We have supported many arts and cultural events (music festivals, Up Helly Aas). We have donated educational equipment and have supported STEP programmes and The Swan Trust. We give to local charities including CATS, Anthony Nolan, Mind Your Head, MS Society, CLAN, JDRF, etc. We frequently support the fund raising efforts of others by providing significant prizes for raffles. We have a record of supporting maritime organisations such as the Lifeboat and RNMDSF. There are also many other things we have contributed to from the Shetland Bus Friendship Society to local church refurbishments. We deliberately vary our support from year to year to ensure benefits are spread. Support has taken forms from charitable donations to in-kind supply to technical advice.


We have been sponsors of the Shetland Amateur Competitive Swimming Club for several years and have previously sponsored the Team Shetland swimmers at the Island Games. We are also the long-term sponsor of the 12th hole at Dale Golf Course. We are currently sponsoring Shetland Ladies Rugby Club.


We contribute £10,000 annually to the Shetland Community Benefit fund and are exploring ways to use this funding to enhance STEM participation among Shetland’s young people with a relaunched Shetland Science Fair.

Fuel Poverty

We recognise the potential for locally produced renewable energy to make a difference to Shetland’s high levels of fuel poverty. We are working on schemes with the aim of routing community benefit payments from our Luggie’s Knowe Phase 2 project to support those in need.

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