Gearbox out after 18 years

July 31st 2023

18 years later and it’s back on the ground…

Our Burradale Wind Farm is one of the most productive in the world.
Recently, one gearbox was removed from Turbine 3 (Brenda) for maintenance after 18 years of operation!

Alvar Thomson, Operations Manager at Shetland Aerogenerators Ltd, said:
“That gearbox has been running for 18 years without any intervention, nothing changed, we just looked after the oil and kept a good eye on it. The wind speed here in Shetland is well known and we’ve estimated that this gearbox has operated in excess of a quarter of a billion revolutions.
Nearly two decades ago we were having quite serious reliability problems with the gearboxes for this site. We rejected the standard design and went looking for something a bit more 'Shetland proof'. Our relationship with Winergy Moventas continues today and we’ve recently had some of our staff visiting their facilities in Finland to keep up-to-date with their innovative product development and state-of-the-art production facilities.