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Have you got a head for heights?

May 27th 2022

Wind Turbine Electrical Engineer - position closed

Shetland Aerogenerators Ltd is a local energy company that owns and operates wind turbine assets.

An unusual full-time opportunity is available for an experienced Electrical Engineer to lead the provision of preventative and corrective maintenance on wind turbines under our responsibility.
Candidates will need to be self-motivated, flexible and willing to work around problems. In return you’ll be rewarded with autonomy, trust and support for professional and personal development.
The role requires a willingness to travel and to work irregular hours but the salary and benefits reflect the skills and enthusiasm being brought.

Unfortunately, not just anyone will be able to undertake this role. Being comfortable to work safely at height is essential. Training for GWO certifications will be provided. There are typical qualifications (SVQ3 minimum) to be demonstrated. A driving license is required. RUK Medical Fitness to Work must be passed biannually.

If you want to be involved in the energy transition and be part of a company that is changing to meet the challenges ahead, get in touch. recruitment@burradale.co.uk