Our Development Team handle all aspects of Shetland Aerogenerators’ projects, from concept to delivery. The Team’s approach to project management is based on strong internal and external collaboration, with a keen focus on maintaining high standards.

Shetland Aerogenerators’ Development Team are experienced in delivering various aspects of onshore wind and energy storage projects, particularly in relation to Environmental Impact Assessments and Planning. If you have a project in Shetland or elsewhere and are looking for some extra support, contact us at contact@shetlandaero.co.uk.

A broad portfolio of current development work includes planning application submissions, environmental impact assessments and exploring new ways for projects to enhance community benefit and impact.

LIDAR Systems


SAL’s Development Team can support the installation of LIDAR Systems for wind resource monitoring. Working with established industry experts and our Operations colleagues, we can contribute to:

  • Site selection
  • LIDAR and power supply unit procurement
  • Installation – including augmentations to deal with Shetland’s climate and ground conditions


We can also support ongoing maintenance for LIDARS we have helped to install or existing installations:

  • Fault-finding and troubleshooting
  • Regular security checks and maintenance
  • Washer fluid monitoring and top-ups

Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging

  • Assessment, preparation and installation of various charger units
  • Support with electrical grid connection applications for higher rated chargers
  • Maintenance